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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What To Do

Ok I have ranted about not having a job and it's pitfalls but I was brought to a new reality yesterday.

My youngest son still has his job at the mill but they are working short hours, and therein lies the problem. If he works too many hours it cuts into his unemployment benefits which was supplementing his pay. He has worked enough hours the last 2 weeks to get no help from unemployment.

The problem that has now shown it's ugly head is that he is not making enough money to be able to make his payments. Now he does not live high on the hog his rent is only $300 a month and his truck payment is the same. That will basically use up his pay checks for the month. That still leaves power, gas, food. and insurance.

All this time all I have worried about was the people without jobs but had never thought about the ones having to work shortened hours.

Ok back to my son, Do I offer for him to come back home again. The last time was a nightmare ending with me basically throwing him out as he was being a deadbeat and not paying for anything. Oh he had money when it was for something he wanted but none to help out at home.

I'm also very happy with an empty nest, my wife and I have never got along better in our 25+ years of being married. So I am at odds with what is the right thing to do or to be selfish.

Hell even with him here and helping with payments we probably won't be able to keep the house, Then what?
Guess it is time to swallow the pride and sit him and my wife down and discuss this situation and see where it ends up. Maybe with a little financial help from him we can keep the house longer..Who knows...

It is what it is



js said...

Yes, Rod. Crises like this should not go wasted.


Rod said...

You know John I'm having my fair share of them right now.


Lydia said...

Hey Rod, And this too shall pass. These things seem to always have a way of working out. This will also.

Thoughts are with you and your family for the best outcome!

Rod said...

Thanks Lydia
Yes we will work through it as always be it right or wrong