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Monday, February 2, 2009

A Short Story

This happened to me on a trip to Southern California.

Was down in Vista California visiting my grandparents doing the whole tourist thing Disneyland, Universal Studios Lego Land, San Diego Zoo well all of them.

So every morning my grandmothers husband Carl and I would go to the grocery store for the days meals. He loves to shop so they keep very little food at home.

My first shock when we got to the store was that they sold all kinds of alcohol there you name it and it is at the grocery store. In Oregon you ave to go to a Liquor store that is ran by the state. Was also the first time I had ever seen Crispy Creme donuts yummy.

There was on trip that really stands out in my mind tho.

Now I don't know if all of you know this but the water that comes out of the tap in Southern California is not fit for man or beast to drink terrible. So bottled water is real big there and you see trucks delivering it everywhere.

Ok now knowing that but being a small town boy I never thought that there would be a whole aisle dedicated to nothing but water. I was wandering down this aisle in amazement when suddenly I was brought to a halt in total awe.

Where I live there is a small water bottling plant. We have some of the best water in the world straight out of the ground 99.9% pure. the water went underground before the first nuclear tests as it has no radioactivity in it.

What do I see but a big portion of the display has Earth2o water from my home town. I guess I must of had a strange look on my face as this lady kindly tells we that it is the greatest water in the world and that I should definitely buy it.

Well being a little bit at a loss for words I agreed. She then asked me if I had ever had it which made me chuckle. She asked what was so funny so I told her.

Yeah I know back home we flush our toilets and wash our cars with it. Now she had the funny look you know like yeah ok right.

It ended up taking me and Carl about 20 minutes to explain to her that it was the water that came out of the taps at home and make her believe it.

So if you drink Earth2o water or any water bottled by Opal springs bottling company you have had a chance to try a little bit of my part of the world...

It is what it is

Thank God I'm a country boy



Lydia said...

Hi Rod, Amazing what we pay for though right? They do the same here bottle the water and resell it as *spring* water.

Funny about the liquor also. My sister lives in Illinois and they also have it in their supermarkets.

Very strange to see from state to state. PA is like Oregon, state run. New York and New Jersey were each different, and Maryland (near the universities) will actually deliver it to you from the liquor store!!

Hello: Ill have a ...bottle of Bacardi please and a cold bottle of Coke

Rods Wanderings said...

Hi Lydia
Well look at it this way it could cut down on the drunk drivers!

Thanks for stopping by

Lydia said...

Yes, that's why they do it. :)


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Lydia likes Rum and Cola!
And I likes Lydia...
Bottled agua is one of these V-8 moments-- If I'd a only had the idea 20 years ago ...

Lydia said...

Yup, I do Cygnus, rarely, but I do.

Aww, thanks :)