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Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Times

Man time flies when your retired. (Ha Ha) Always wanted to retire early.

It seems I was just here writing not an hour ago, but now another day has passed. So what did I get accomplished today? Nothing, but the good thing is it will still be there for me tomorrow when I wake up..Yippee.

Did watch the NASCAR race yesterday. My guy didn't win, bummer. And then they have to keep rubbing it in my face about the race next week in Las Vegas. You see I have tickets but due to my present financial situation can not go.

We have been going to the races for the last 4 years. Always have a great time, never run out of things to do. That city never sleeps, it's go go go 24 hours a day. Love that city. And if you have never been there, the commercials you see are so true; what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The first time we went there I was not too excited about it, and was talking to a friend that had went there. He was telling me how great it was and one of the last things he said was that you don't go to Vegas to sleep. Yeah right I thought! Well was I ever wrong.

We got there for a 3 day 4 night stay and we did the typical tourist thing walked down Las Vegas boulevard stopping at the different casinos, playing a little, lots of people big deal, what is so great about this? First night we went to dinner and my wife drank a little too much so she was early to bed but not me. I had a plan.

So after I put her to bed I went to see if I could succeed with my plan. 20 dollars, a black jack table see if it would last long enough for me to get good and drunk. Good plan, right? Well I succeeded, don't have any idea what time it was as there are no clocks in the casinos but still had money when the stool at the black jack table started to have a hard time staying upright.

So I staggered off to bed and got about 2 hours of sleep when my wife woke me up by dumping 100 silver dollars on me! She had hit a 100 dollar jackpot and was ready to go.

Well lets go then, and up I got, and away we headed back down the strip. Now I was still not to impressed with Vegas, until we were in one of the big casinos and it hit me...I don't know anyone here and they don't know me, and I will probably never see these people again in my life. So the fun began.

My wife was holding a bucket of quarters so I grabbed them from her and started down a row of machines stuffing quarters in and yelling at her come on baby daddy wants a jackpot. She was not too impressed, but started pulling the handles and following me. When I hit the end of the row I ran back to the first machine and started right back down the row the whole time cheering the machines on!

Well after the second pass we started to get an audience, and they were cheering us on, so my wife started to get into it then. I believe we came out a little ahead money wise, but it was fun.
Well to make a long story short after I had calmed down my wife and she saw that nobody really cared we had the time of our life.

And my plan..Worked every time that trip 20 dollars, and never more for me each day. The last day we were there, my wife and I got a lucky streak and won over 2,000 dollars! So we came home with money ahead. Sleep well? I ended up getting about 14 hours on 3 day 4 night stay so it was true, you do not go there to sleep.

It is what it is



Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Good smiles, man! I can see me being one of the peanut gallery cheering on your, or more accurately Yall's run down one-armed-bandit lane! Ha!

I love Vegas, even though I ain't much of a gambler.

Was there in '95 when the Stratosphere was nearing completion..

Great-- and very inexpensive (food&beverage-wise) town!

More soon...

Rod said...

Ah Yes might favorate town!
If you are going back and have never been down to Fremont Steet you got to do it.
Totally different kind of Vegas!


Lydia said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I've always wanted to go, but the flight is too long for me (because of the menieres) Probably a good thing too.

They recently opened a casino here, under the guise of bringing in local tax money. We've yet to see it. I haven't gone there yet either, but I understand it is all automated. You no longer use coins, not even for the slots. You use a card. Well hey, why not, we do for everything else, right.

have a good one!

Rod said...

Vegas is the same way anymore no coin!

Thanks for stopping by