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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Emails We All Love

Spam, ain't it great? Thought I would keep a log of what I received in a day (with my color commentary of course).

So lets start

This is what hit the deleted file for one day!

{{{{ Are You Struggling To Make Money Online? }}}}‏...Nope very successful..not

I love discounts, but 80% is just nuts‏...Yeah for the poor sap that buys it

New Surf Site-Launching Feb 1st.‏....Ahh another scammer getting a head start

A Flatter Tummy‏....Hmm can still see my toes don't need that

YOUR Opportunity Is NOW - Do NOT WASTE IT!‏....Ok I opened that one but it was sent to somebody called John not for me

A Glimpse Into Tomorrow!‏....Hey buy an E book and see into the future

URGENT! YOUR $250 In Free Advertising Is Waiting-Claim It NOW‏....What, and get more spam?

Do you like to shop, but hate standing in lines and fighting crowds?...Hey lets check it out..Hmm nothing but trinkets and garbage just what I need

LifeScript Daily Horoscope - January 27, 2009‏....Just what I need somebody else telling me what to do

He paid Google over $500K‏....Do I need to comment on this

100,000’s of internet marketers all of whom are exactly your target market is a dream come true...Another traffic exchange all ready supposedly have the best of the best..sorry

No Skills - No Experience - No Excuse‏...."The Poor Man's Revolution"...So you had better watch out

=> 5 Minutes To 'Guru' Status...What do I get..The answer to what to sell to customers and clients...Instant bonus pages that's what I want.

what happened Rodney? are you ok?...of course I am can't you see

RE: How simple is simple Rodney?‏...,interesting don't remember sending them a Email...just checked nope I didn't

Have You Ever Seen Something This Easy Rodney?....Oh yipee more bonus pages..Wait a moment same pages different spammer

Advance your career with an online MBA‏...Ok just to make sure you can read they sent this one 4 times must be a test

Work From Home Auction Success (Details Inside)...This world famous rebate scam oh I mean program

Is Your Traffic Zooming?‏... Great another Traffic exchange

5 Steps to Mastering Pillow Talk‏... Did you know that pillows talk..just kidding

It's live Rodney ... and YOU save 50% today!...No not a warm body just go to this site an buy this scam

LAUNCHED 10 MINUTES AGO !!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT MISS THIS!!!!!!!‏...Interesting must be a relaunch got this same one yesterday

Rodney, You Can Turn $40 into 6 figures‏...And it only took one day to set up...no thanks

JetBlue/Disneyland packages from $375 pp‏...Can't afford the house payment but lets go on a trip anyway

Learn how to make as much as $107,389 in six months with Google....Well at least they give a timeline

ClickBanker has all New Leads‏...News for them they are all new leads for me

Seen on 60 Minutes Sunday. Anti Aging Pill‏...What and put up with more of this fun

New on DVD: Fireproof and more‏... Why buy it for that price I can rent 4 or 5 other movies as well

You could get money for your old jewelry‏...Hey look at this commercials on the net and again gotta send it twice to make sure

Make over $100k in just 6 Months Working from Home...Hey wait a minute here got this earlier

Google but the amount went down...must be the economy

{{{{ Are You Struggling To Make Money Online? }}}}...Again thought I had already answered this one...oops different idiot

PROMPT RESPONSE PLEASE.‏...Ok this one is great this guy needs help getting his deceased clients money out of a over seas bank. Well I'm supposed to have the same last name.... unfortunate for him I don't

Apartments Everywhere. Find one with us.‏...might want to keep this one...never can tell

Complement of the day‏...needs help transferring 19.5 mill to the US and guess what I get 30%...That's it I'm I'm rich...right

583 Leads in 14 Seconds Rodney‏...And that is how long it will take them to delete the message also

A Special Offer for True Coffee Lovers. Gevalia's Coffee Lover's Kit!‏...Hmm think I should send them Jims addy

*****Open Position at Beauchamp Interiors****‏...Might be needing this... oops book keeping not my cup of tea

Looking for an auto insurance quote? (details inside)‏...Hey they will save me up to 600 dollars on my car insurance...Don't pay that much now...free insurance...I doubt it

Rodney, You can succeed where others fail‏...Shit I can't succeed where others succeed

Save Your House From Foreclosure Today‏...Don't need that yet but maybe..naw not yet.

How To Make Money Fast Online‏...Hey type articles..Have a hard enough time typing this

Get this video of you created (for free) and use it to do house deals‏... In this economy right..Hell the bank don't even want it back

You Promise to Keep This Quiet?...Yah but your not..hey get this that's all there is no message

Colorado Technical University's Flexible Options‏...And it only takes 15 months

Rodney Gillett 777 Sw Willies‏...seems that they have a package for me...hey she even has the same last name...how nice...a Walmart card

Update your Credit Report with GoFreeCredit - it's Free!...Think they can erase it

The 6 Shooter Bonus is waiting for you in Silver Dollar Casino‏...look you can lose your money from the comfort of your own home

Hold on to your home‏...Ahh some competition here

Rodney, Are You Going to Be a Leader... or a Victim of the Economy?‏...Is that a honest question

How To Get Free Advertising By Participating In E-mail Discussion Lists‏...Is this not called organized spam

Survey Opportunity: Be an Instant Winner of 1 to 3 Dollars‏...Ok but guess what you have to qualify..you know sign up for this buy that

7x2=6,710,894 math don't lie!!...Ok I see...Receive $6,710,894.20 profits just by referring 2 !...sound easy enough

re.gillett: Your Check is Still Waiting‏...Great then send it...oh surveys again

Rodney, Thinking of a membership site?...Noooo

You Need This Lead Software‏...Hey I changed my name it is now [[firstname]]

Gain inches the fast way‏...no comment (I'm tall enough)

Looking for a pet urn? Find the perfect tribute...nope mine are doing just fine thank you:

O__Her Hot *Secret* Explains Everything__:O‏...Darn another downline builder

NEW SAFELIST Just Launched! FREE Pro Membership for first 150‏...Hey a safelist with 51 members

$87,979 in FREE Spending Money!..how foreclosures..Don't need that I can just wait on my own

And of course my all time favorite
NOTIFICATION FROM FBI WASHINGTON D.C‏...seems I have a over due contract payment with a company I have never heard of

Ok there they are unfortunately I can not stop these or unsubscribe have tried. And like most of you this is only 1 of my accounts.

Just consider them commercials

It is what it is



Lydia said...

Rod, that's so funny!

Some of these people are really ridiculous, right?

I used to crack up with a lot of them too, now they go in a separate folder which I delete each day.

I hope you and E enjoy your valentine Day!!

have fun. :)

Rods Wanderings said...

Hi Lydia
Yes they can be real interesting at times but you gotta laugh at them or you might go crazy sometimes
E says thanks shes working at it!

Hope you have a good Valentines day


Cygnus MacLlyr said...


hate the schtuff, dont you?

Rods Wanderings said...

nice to have you stop by!

Yep a another evil to put up with!