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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Idle Thoughts

Could not focus on any one thing today so I'm going to wander all over the place and see where we end up.

My son was over today with a couple of friends and they were talking about the stories they could tell their kids when they grew older.

The statement that gave me the best chuckle was that they were born before the Internet. Ok, how about before color TV or better yet do you remember taking all the tubes out of your TV and taking them to the store to check for the one that was burned out. They were aghast when they were told that there was only AM radio.

That makes me remember about a time I was giving my mother in law a bad time about how old she was and made the remark that she was older than penicillin....she got real serious and said that yes she was and was there a problem with that. Oops kinda back fired on me!

Was helping my oldest son work on his pickup the other day..ok lets get this right I was dong the work and he was watching. We were replacing the idler arm and of course it had a ball joint that needed to be broke loose.

Don't know if you have ever done that but it can be real easy or usually not. This was a case of the latter. I thought that I had the right tool for the job called a pickel fork but did not. My son volunteered to go get one so off he went.

After some time had passed he came back with the right tool so I asked him what had took so long. He went to every place he could think of and could not find one and when he asked about it nobody had never heard of one. He finally went to a friends house and he had one. So after we got done I called around and finally found someone that knew what it was but that it was a special order item only.

This also got me to thinking about some things about cars. My sons and their friends are always bringing their vehicles over for me to "help" them to work on. Did not think much of it until the pickel fork episode.

The vehicles I currently drive are a 92 Toyota pickup that I can usually fix anything that breaks on it, But parked next to it is a 2004 Ford Escape Hybrid that I will not touch if at all possible. Open the hood and you can not even see the motor. Easy to locate the dip stick though. Spark plugs ok if you say so never seen them myself but they have to be there somewhere.

The days of working on your own vehicle are disappearing just like replacing the tubes on your TV. And it shows in our young. Their parents never had to work on their vehicles and it shows in the kids. But hey If I need help with my computer guess who I call.

Well that's enough wandering for today.

Feeling better thanks to my friends (you know who you are)

Just got to remember...

It is what it is



js said...

Hey Rod? Thanks for sending me that HYIP to review. I had some good fun with it. Although I was much gentler on that one than the one in my blog yesterday!


It's interesting how many folks don't get the red flags raised in their heads when they read about some of the plans these HYIP outfits offer! Simply insane! But no... they want to play in them!

Thanks again. And hey, you are being of great help to your son and the friends. Now here is something to ponder... why do you think they are bringing broken down vehicles for you to fix? Something to cogitate. Ruminate. Let it fester! Haha!

Ok, now since the forms in dreams are symbols of something in the mind, and since this is a waking dream, so the cars are symbols of something.

CAR: Illustrates quality of physical condition. This most often refers to one's personal physiological system. (Mary Summer Rain).

I can't tell you what that really says, but ponder it and see what it says to you. Could be you are a Healer of sorts.


Lydia said...

Hi Rod,

Oh johnski! Sometimes it just means that dad knows how to fix them, that's all. I call my dad too. (yes, even still)

Rod? It's really okay not to focus on any one thing. Because in concentrating on the one thing, we bring it closer to us and so much more of a reality. So..wander away.

my girls can't believe people actually survived without cell phones. We were all watching a Seinfeld show not so long ago, where they were very late for a friends house because they were lost. Without thinking, both the girls (even the older one!) Said, Why don't they just use their cell phone to call...then they realized it's an older show.

well...we did that also, with our parents, right? ;)

Have a good one!