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Friday, February 13, 2009

Computer Woes

About 6 months ago we replaced our old computer with a new one and set the old one up in a spare room but it was not connected to the Internet so we had bought a wireless network for it.

So after a lot of procrastination on my part I decided that today was the day to install it. Notice I said day, was told when we bought it that it was real simple to install. Well I must be a real simple person as it was a small nightmare for me.

Ok started out and decided to put the router on the new computer and the Wireless adaptor on the old thought that it would be more apt to take the simple part of the new technology. Got the router all set up and loaded on the new computer in record time...for me...not to difficult actually.

So went to the antique and put the disk in and it downloads with no problem...great...wrong. Did not connect to the network. Hmmm ok time for the directions. (hey I am a guy). Ok directions say put the disk in and follow the tutorial...great here we go. Painstakingly follow the tutorial just to find out that my computer is too old and will not recognize the wireless adapter.

Now you have to realize it has probably been 2 or 3 hours by now. And back to square one do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars.

So took the router off the new computer and set it up on the old one with no problems. See I know what I'm doing now. Take the wireless adapter and disc sit down at new computer and install it hey no problems again..see I told you I knew what I was doing.

Wrong! Computer recognizes the device but does not recognize the network...settings are not correct. Great now what do I do? Already read the tutorial and have done that still no Internet.

Hmm maybe if I uninstall everything and start over..ok that's what I'll do.

Did I tell you that the new computer has Vista on it? Well it does and for the most part I have been real happy with it. Well uninstalling programs on it is not the same as XP as I found out but finally got it done.

Reinstalled the software for the wireless adapter and hey what's this? It is working...real slow but working. Heck I can write faster than this! Hmm what is going on here.

Ok lets clear all old stuff off and see what happens...Ahh much better. Except things are just not running like they should be. But it is better than it was so I'm ok for now it's only been 4 or 5 hours now anyway.

Now like I have said I'm not real good with this new technology so I was limping along and the light came on...Hey it didn't have me restart the computer hmm maybe with Vista you don't need to...oh what the hell reboot and guess what...

It is what it is

And running like new



Lydia said...

Makes me happy I don't have Vista.

Glad you got it working though. We have 3 computers and a laptop here and am very glad for wireless~


Rods Wanderings said...

Yes Vista does have some problems!
All I need is a laptop and will be ready to go.
Thanks for stopping by


Missi .... said...

My computer is so old its almost a bulky doorstop, it would die if I tried to install vista, struggles with most things I do already .... it cant even handle running full processor speed anymore (if I try it reboots and resets itself to the lower cpu setting).

Ive often found the installing, uninstalling, troubleshooting software/hardware and all that one of the most enjoyably frustrating parts of owning a computer (enjoyable when its finally working and frustrating whenever its not!!!) ...

Take care


Rods Wanderings said...

Hello Missi
LOL boy do you have that one right
Thanks for stopping by and brightening up my day!