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Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Little Caring Friends

Last night while working on my blog post I was having difficulties with what I was wanting to do, and unknown to me I was stressing about it. So you ask how did I find out? Easy. Pixie our pug made me realize it.

She was sleeping on the sofa and all if the sudden jumped down and made sure that she got my attention so I scratched her on the head but this was not enough she kept at it until I let her in my lap for a serious petting and hand washing.

Well as I kept loving on her I realized I was stressing over something as stupid as a blog post. I actually felt it go away. Totally amazing.

That made me think of some other times that this has happened.

Saturday I got worked up about something from the past but this time it was Fancy that came to the rescue. She would not let me out of her sight! Everywhere I went she was right behind me, until I finally gave her a good loving and once again learned that I was stressing over something stupid.

People can say what they want about dogs and cats but they have unbelievable perception of their world and can sense when you are not right with yourself.

Back a few years ago I had real high blood pressure and was having to keep a log for the doctors so they could adjust my meds. as needed. Well Pixie was just a young pug and full of energy. We usually play fetch for about an hour each night to wear her out so we could go to bed. This particular night I had taken my blood pressure and had logged it and then decided it was time to start wearing the pug out for bed.

For some reason she did not want to play fetch so I ended up on the floor hand fighting with her.Well she was ecstatic growling and barking and started doing power runs it was really hilarious. An interesting thing happened I could actually tell that my blood pressure was going down so I checked and it had by quite a bit.!

Ok that is enough for today. I was at a standstill on what to write tonight and thought it was going to be an inactive blog day. But, one of my little friends came to the rescue.

It is what it is



Lydia said...

Dogs are just great.

If anyone comes close to unconditional love it is dogs.

I complain about my two, but they're both great (even the little sh*t)

The older one is ALWAYS glued to me when I am sick. he gets up to drink water, eat and bathroom. Otherwise he does not budge from my sight. The little one is learning to do the same. They sense you're not well and do all they can to help. They even behave with each other if I don't feel good.

thanks for a cute story.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Cool Beans, Rod!

I love love LOVE puppies for precisely this reason: PERSPECTIVE.

They'll let you know. And can sense when we don't...


Rods Wanderings said...

Thanks for stopping by.

You both have very good points.
I believe Lydia likes the companionship and loyalty.

Now Cygnus are you sure it is not the puppy breath that you like the most. Ha!


js said...

Good post Rod!

I should start thinking of getting a cat. Had one once. He was quite demanding of love and attention, but I enjoyed it.

Cats easily sense stress, all kinds of stress, not just human (bu geopathic especially). Dogs don't like negative vibes and usually will stay away from the source of it. Or are not as playful as usual.


Missi .... said...

You know even birds seems to have this weird kind of instinct. My budgies get let out often and we hang out ... they get very attentive when Im down or stressing about stuff, seems to be the time they sit on my shoulders and nibble at, or preen me the most. Its ever so cute. One time i had a few tears and my little boy budgie come rest his beak on my cheek for a good few minutes ... was so sweet ... its like they want you to know your not alone.

Animals are such amazing little creatures ... there is so much we humans could learn from them

Have a great day

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