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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Being Positive

I've met allot of new friends here on the net and by far most of them all talk about the same thing.

Being positive.

Those of you who have read through my blog, know I am going through a very stressful time right now. Adding to that is my oldest son now being laid off from paradise also.

Here is a glimpse of what I read most everyday.

Lets start with Hermit Jim and his nephew Cygnus, They both have a tendency to rant about the world and were it is heading but if you follow them on a daily basis you will find the positive in them.

They each have a dream and a plan that they are following and that makes it positive. They put out allot of information on how to plan on surviving this world currently and how to survive the worst if it comes.

Then there is Johns Blog What can I say here this man does allot of research on the net and you will not always like what you see but unfortunately it is true. Yet John also has a positive he is prepared in his mind and soul through his learning's to accept whatever happens in this world good or bad he will be ready.

Now lets talk about Edains Blog she also has some concerns she talks about but then you have your posts about raising your own food and preparing it. She is also following her dream with allot of success.

Ok then there is Missi's Blog. She has had a very tough life and still keeps a rosy attitude. Again she has a plan and is following it. She has her rants but they always tend to come out positive.

We now come to Genes Blog he has a post on it now about a exercise in positive thinking. Gene always looks for the bet in everything refuses to let negativity into his life.

And last we come to Lydias Blog. She does have her occasional rants about the world and where it is heading but it is coming from her heart. She hates to see people suffer especially when it is someone she knows. If you read her blog she also has allot of teachings about her learning's to help get rid of the negative around you. And how to see the world in a different way, like through someone else's eyes.

Basically I am thanking each and everyone of these people because even though I have not personally met them they have helped me in my difficult time. Without having been following them in their blogs I would right now be wallowing in self pity thinking it was the end of my little part of the world.

I know that I have been using there teachings, because my son came over today after he was laid off and said that because of my attitude he was not going to let it bother him either. We sat down and set him a plan to follow and he left with a great attitude and a smile on his face.

Now you're not going to believe the last words out of his mouth as he was leaving.

He looked me square in the eyes and said....

Dad, It is what it is
Hmmm maybe sometimes they do listen



Lydia said...

Hi Rod!

What a nice post.

Well I was going to rant about our government on my blog today, but I don't want to do that now that you made me sound so nice. I'll have to find something loving to write about. it's just not easy these days.;)

So sorry about your son losing his job also. Hoping for the best. I am really glad that you're so optimistic and even better that you're getting a slight relief from reading some of the blogs. Am sure it helps to get your mind off of worries anyway.

The best wishes to you and also your son!


Rods Wanderings said...

Thanks Lydia
For example you have to read Jims blog today.
Just what I needed to start my day!


js said...

That's a great post Rod. Will inspire many!


Rods Wanderings said...

The thing about it it it is true.
You and the others have showed me that.
I have lived with negativity long enough.
Thanks for stopping by
And for leaving a comment