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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stress Management

There are allot of people in the U.S. going through my same predicament so here is how I handle the stress.

My Winter ritual is sure to change when the weather gets better.

I wake up in the morning in a bed, still have a roof over my head..Things are looking good so far.

Wiggle around some, no great pains...Getting better.

Get up turn on the lights and TV...Still got power great.

Heat some water for my morning cup...Waters still on getting better.

Read my emails and my favorite blogs...Still got Internet, things are going good.

Chat with my friend some...That always puts a smile on my face.

Eat breakfast..Still got food!!

Look at the clock..Hey it's time to harass the bank.

Call the bank...Want to let them know that their house didn't burn down in the last 3 days.

Call the other bank...Hey your car is still here..you want me to deliver it...Can't, it's out of gas you will need to come and get it

The mail shows up great...

Taxes are do on the house ...Need to call them and tell them that I don't own the house the bank does..will have to remember to tell the bank next time I call them.

Chat some more with my friend...More smiles.

Check my business dealings on the Internet...Not bad..Not real good..Not allot of money there to begin with...Still good keeps me occupied.

Lunch..Hey still have food great.

Watch some TV...There are some great shows out there.

Work on my blog...Change this move that put it all back start a post maybe finish maybe not..

Oh of course add in allot of play time with my little furry friends...Do I need to add to that.

Do some more reading on the Internet...What subject am I interested in today?

Chat with my friend some more...Smiles again.

Dinner...Hey still have food.

Work on blog while chatting..Multi tasking...More smiles.

Finish blog post and send to my favorite editor...

Yawn time for bed ..Hey lived through another great day.

Oh also some time during the day log in and check for jobs...Now that will make you laugh.

Never have to look at a clock.

Don't usually know what day of the week it is and don't really care.

But the best part is that I get to spend all my time at home in fairly good health with my pretty wife.

Always wanted to retire early...

It is what it is.



Edain: said...

Well said, I am glad someone else has a life like mine! :)

Rods Wanderings said...

Edain nice to see you!
Hey if like gives you lemons you can either make lemonaid or break out the tequila!


Lydia said...

I agree with Edain, Rod. Very well said.

You seem to be great at handling this, and that's wonderful! So.... which are you having, the tequila?


Rods Wanderings said...

Hi Lydia
I wished I could but I am stuck with the lemonaid :(


Lucia said...

Hey its really good to see you leading such a relaxing life. :)
I am really stressed out in life because of my work pressure...I couldn' take it any more and now I am into stress management counseling. I guess I will get better soon. But trust me I really wish I had lifestyle like you...god bless u! :)