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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feel Good Moments

I spent allot of time today letting my mind wander and I kept thinking about the small things that mean so much to me.

I worked swing shift for 10 years straight while my sons were young so as I have told you before I tried to spend allot of the weekends spending quality time with them.

I also enjoyed bow hunting allot so I would take one or the other with me on most weekends. We had a deal that what ever happened up hunting stayed there. So if they wanted a soda pop for breakfast so be it but it stayed there.

So one morning we were headed out and my son asked if he could have a pop. Sure no problem, stopped and got him one out of the cooler. All the sudden he started laughing and jumped into the back seat and started rummaging around. He popped up still giggling and jumped back into the front seat with a bag of potato chips. I still get a smile on my face ever time I remember the look on his face and that giggle.

There was one time that they got out of school before I had to go to work so I went to pick them up. I was sitting there some what impatiently watching other kids coming out and wondering where my sons were. Well they finally came out the door and stood there looking for their mothers car, Looked by me a couple of times. So now it was starting to amuse me so I just sat there and watched them.

It probably took them about 15 minutes of looking before one of them spotted me and they both were so excited that I had showed up to pick them up. It is another of those small things that when I remember it I always catch myself smiling.

There was one time My youngest son and I were making a hunt and we were in sight of the truck and he spotted a cow in the trees. He looked at me and that was all it took and off he went chasing that cow off through the woods. He did not go far and came back with such a look of joy on his face as if he had done something sooo bad.

Call it what you want feel good moments the small things but we all have them

It is what it is



Missi .... said...

... and what that is is just beautiful. The things we all need to take a moment to enjoy more often than not.

The small, the simple, yet meaningful and touch the heart in priceless ways.

Thanks for warming my heart by sharing your moment.


Lydia said...

I agree with Missi, just beautiful. Yes, some of those memories seem to get embedded in our memory, don't they? Like a picture - never to fade and memory never to be erased.

Heartwarming story Rod, thanks :)