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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The American Dream

So what is the American dream?
Own your home
Drive a nice car
Send your kids to college
Retire early
I'm sure there is allot more that can be added to this list.
So have you been able to achieve this dream?
Myself...? No, not even close.
Why..because I was living the American dream.
But I was doing what allot of Americans trying to live the dream did.
Spend more than you make.
You know buy your house and the market goes up, hey refinance pay off bills. Right?
And then just build them up again gotta have bigger and better toys.
The one with the most toys wins right?
Well unfortunately, this lesson is being taught to a lot of us the hard way.
The bad part is, I saw it happening to me and my family, and had started working at fixing it. But it was too late.
And unfortunately I am not alone. We are a steadily growing fraternity.
Just read your newspaper. There seems to be no end to it.

It is what it is



Lydia said...

Hi Rod,

Yes, unfortunately that's very true for many of us. But also, expenses rose so much that there are many people who would not be able to make ends meet unless they used credit. And as we know, its a snowball effect. So we live and learn, yes?

Have a good day!

Rods Wanderings said...

Hi Lydia
Yes we tend to learn from the school of hard knocks!


Missi .... said...

So true ... maybe we need to be looking at our dreams and adjusting them before any real change can happen in this world ???

Bit like that saying be careful what you wish for .. it just might come true ... the reality is often far from the fantasy.

Its a bit odd to think when things were physically harder for humans (like fast travel, communication, hunting for food) things seemed a whole lot simpler ... now with technology, cars, phones, supermarkets and everything almost available at our fingertips ... life, family, work, making ends meet all seem a whole lot harder ... maybe its just me seeing it that way?

All I can say to this is aim for the moon ... if you miss you will always land amongst the stars

Take care

js said...

Well not sure what to say on all that.

Except maybe... as I heard several say on the radio... a crisis should not be wasted.


Rods Wanderings said...

Hey Missi
Nice to hear from you again.
Yes you are right things were simpler and people managed there money better and credit was allot harder to get. But they made it to easy so we were gluttons and now we are paying.

John nice of you to stop by.
I totally adgree it should not be wasted at least somebody should be able to learn something from this!