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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Got Me Thinking

Was reading Jims Blog yesterday and the comments and it got me to thinking.

Well as you all know I have lived all my life in small towns so I had never thought of things the same way as those who are living in big cities. When I was a kid growing up here I could not get away with anything, everybody knew me and my parents, so it was only a phone call, and then..Well you know.

Just to give you an idea of how backwards I was when my wife and I first got married we went to Portland, and went to a mall and I got out of the car did not lock the door, hell I even left the keys in it. When we got back my wife about had a fit. You can't do that in a city what were you thinking. Well I had owned that rig for about 2 years at that time and I think that the keys had only been out of it maybe 3 or 4 times. One time I had my checkbook stolen for about 4 hours before it was returned to me by one of the store owners here at town. They even arrested the guy the next day.

So therein lies a big problem. When I do go to a big city I don't think about someone trying to harm me or my wife, never concerned me. Guess I had always thought that I could handle it if it happened to me. I have been in my fair share of scrapes through the years and had came out ok on most so always had thought that would be enough...but maybe not.

Blending in with the crowd is something I had not even thought of no concern in anyway shape or form. My wife always said it was easy to find me when we were in Vegas because I was one of the few there with a hat on. Carrying some sort of protection like a walking stick or carrying my car keys with the point sticking out never even considered it and would of never thought of it.

The only time that I ever carry any protection with me is when we travel, and I know we will be driving at night. There are a lot of open roads around here where people have stopped to help a car that is broke down just to find out the hard way that they are nothing but bandits. I have only stopped once for a broken down car and it was broken down so the guy got in the truck with me and the first words out of his mouth were just so you know I have a gun on me and opened up his coat to show it to me. Well it was ok because I also had a gun on me too and I was kind enough to show it to him lifting it out of my lap from under my coat. Well we had a good laugh about it at the time but I have never stopped to help a broken down car along side the road again and never will. Sorry about your bad luck have a good night.

So if you do go and read Jims Blog take what he has said and add it to my last paragraph and take notice.

It is what it is



Lydia said...

Hi Rod, It's kind of like that around here also, but getting worse as more people migrate here. Pretty soon there will be no place to go.

glad you and the hiker were able to laugh it off..:)


Hallelujah! No word verification.

Rod said...

Hi Lydia

Well it turned out fine but it could of been ugly.


js said...

Hey Rod. Love the new background in your blog site. Feels much better now!


Hey, I remember living in a big city (Toronto). I was into the New Age movement at one point and always kept my Lexus open, no alarms. Never had ANY trouble. Also kept our rented CONDO door open at all times and never any trouble.

The theory is that if you do not fear, you will not attract bad luck to you. So never even use the seat belt. Never any trouble again.

Has something to do with your energy, that you project. And even though am not into New Age right now? Still, the same concepts are good and apply.


Rod said...

Hey John
You have a good point about the negative energy.
I used to always tell people that a locked door only kept honest people honest.