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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Has Sprung?


We have had the most interesting weather since it has officially been declared spring. Wind, rain, snow, sun all on the same day and sometimes all at once.

Maybe it is just that I have been able to see it this year compared to years past. Don't know for sure but it has been interesting.

Take today for example. Started out looking like it was going to be fairly nice with a broken cloud cover but no mother nature had other plans.

It started out with a light fog that lifted and then came back from the west but look to the east and the sun was shining. But the fog prevailed and set in for a short while but then a cold north wind came up and blew that out but it brought rain and then snow. Yea!

I guess I'm just ready for winter to be over been reading about people already starting gardens and able to go out in the nice weather and here we are still having winter like conditions.

Well what do I expect living in Oregon. The saying here is only two types of people try to predict the weather here...Fools and Newcomers.

It is what it is



blondie said...

Hey Rod,
Almost 80 here yesterday, got some sun burn. Today is cold and rainy. I hear the snow will miss me but it is headed your way. Bundle up now!

Rod said...

Thanks for the warning!
Just what I wanted more winter...
Oh well


HermitJim said...

I'd be glad to send you a bit of our Spring here, but try as I might...I just can't figure out how to do it!

Hope it straightens out pretty soon for ya, my friend!

Rod said...

Hi Jim
You would think I would be used to it after all these years but I do believe I just have spring fever.