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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today I'm going to share with you a couple of pictures that have a lot of meaning and bring back a lot of memories.

One thing you don't see in today's world is families being close together. For some people to do this, if they even had the chance, would take a lot of travel to get them all together.

So lets start

This is 5 generations of my family

Now lets start with the oldest and work our way down.
You have my Great grandma Bootsie and then her son my Grandfather Jack then my mother Linda, myself and my oldest son Nels.

Don't ask me for ages all I can remember is that Nels was about 10 months old then.
Now that is some thing you don't see much today but there is more.

Here is another 5 generations taken on the same day.

Once again we will start from oldest to youngest.
We start with my great grandmother Fay, and then my grandmother Vera, my mother, myself, and Nels.

Now about ages on this one I do know that my great grandmother in this photo is 100 years old when this was taken. Unfortunately we never did this with my youngest son as we could have.

Now back to the start of this. Everyone in these photos lived in the same town. In fact Nels and I were the only ones that had to travel as all the rest lived on the same small farm together.
This was how I was raised, with my family all living together, and helping each other out. We had a big garden that all of us helped take care of. Basically anything that came up we all pitched in one way or the other to get it fixed and or taken care of.

I plan on telling you stories in the future about these two grand ladies and about how they grew up compared with the modern day world we now live in.

It is what it is


P.S. I forgot to thank Serenity for also giving me the Triple award yesterday. I'm sorry for that because I do appreciate any and all recognition I get from my daily dribbles.


Edain: said...

Nice, heart warming pictures. I look forward to more stories about your life with these lovely people. :)

Rod said...

Edain Nice to see ya again

When my grandmother gets back from the south this winter I plan on having a whole series about my grandparents and their fun when homesteading in the early 1900's
Should be interesting!


Lydia said...

Hi rod,

Great family pictures. As you know, most of my family is in Europe, so I really don't have that, and enjoy hearing about it from others! Nice story and nice pictures. Looking forward to more.


Lydia said...

Ha! I didn't see the P.S.

Lets see what should your punishment be?

Do you iron?
Do you sew?
Do you do floors?


just kidding. no problem at all.

Rod said...

Hey Lydia you know everyone is human and does forget and not read everything fully!