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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yesterday I was a little bored so I was doing a little surfing and found this.

This totals up to $332,308,777,500.00

When is this going to stop?

What truly amazes me is that some of the banks are listed more than once!

So what does a small town boy think about this? Ok I will tell you.

Well first go here.

At the time that I wrote this it said 305,996,225. So you do a little division and come up with $1,085.99 for every living body that is a resident of the USA. Not citizens but residents so this takes in everyone.

Ok now go here and you will see that 24.5% of the population is under the age of 18 so that would leave us with 231,027,150. Ok now a little more division. and you come up with $1,438.40.
Now refer back to here And you will see that 12.6% of the population is over the age of 65 so that would leave us with 192,471,626. Time for some more division and you come up with $1,726.53.

Now if you go here you can see how many Tax returns were filed for 2006 and that is 136,100,000 so if you use that figure you come up with $2441.65 that is everyone that filed their returns for that year so the number could be lower.

Now using the number of tax returns filed is probably the more accurate number as it would represent the number of tax payers in the USA.

I have some comments that I could make on some of the names listed but I have decided that it would not be the right thing for me to do at this time. You can make your own opinions you do not need mine. The shock factor should be enough.

It is what it is



Lydia said...

Wow! That's pretty sobering, hm? When is this going to stop..? I don't know that it will. Probably when it all crashes which doesn't seem so far away.

Sure is shocking.
thanks for posting that!

Rod said...

Hi Lydia
I got started on it and could not believe it.
Unfortunately you are probably correct on the crash.