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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kids Got To Love Them

Was thinking back when my boys were young and chuckling to my self about some of the things they did and said through the years. For example.

When my oldest son got so he was crawling we could not keep him out of the drawers in the kitchen until we gave him one for him to put his toys in and that stopped it he had his own drawer so he did not need to get in any others. Worked for both boys, which was kind of surprising.

I also chuckle every time I think about when my youngest was in a walker and my oldest son took a toy from him. Mad OMG he took off after him in that walker and eventually cornered him, got his toy back, and gave him a piece of his mind! Didn't understand a word he said but he did have allot to say.

There was also one thing that happened that still to this day amazes me. My oldest always had ear infections so he had to take allot of liquid children's medicine and that usually ended up with me sitting on him and force feeding him...not much fun. Well one time I had the medicine in my hand and sat down in front of him and for some reason said to him; now how do you want to do this on your own, or do I have to sit on you and do it? Well he looked at me and then held his hands out so I gave him the medicine and he drank it right down, and we never did have to force it down him again no matter how bad it tasted.

When the boys got a little older one day my wife turned around in the kitchen and there was a great big spider crawling across the floor (she hates spiders). So she screamed and that made the youngest come running to see what was wrong. My wife pointed at the spider and told him that was why she had screamed. So being a little boy he trotted over and smashed the spider with his bare foot and proudly exclaimed to his mother. There mys got it for you mom.

And now for the best one.

The boys were eating dinner one night at the breakfast bar we had at the time and my wife was doing dishes at the sink. We lived way out in the country at that time and never pulled the shades so at night the window worked like a mirror. Well the boys were being boys and were fooling around as much as they were eating and finally one of them did something that made mommy mad so she yelled at whoever to knock off whatever they had done. The whole time with her back to them.
A short time after she got done, my youngest son kinda leaned over to his brother and said. "See I told you she does have eyes in the back of her head"

My wife had to leave the kitchen after that...

It is what it is



HermitJim said...

Now that was a great post, my friend. Those kinds of memories will help keep you warm and fuzzy in your old age!

Thanks for sharing...

Rod said...

Jim nice to here from you
Don't need to wait until I'm old does it now


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Rod, you have the greatest way of relating everyday magic and making it nostalgiacly (spelled wrong, i know) warm the heart! and so visual-- i can see the conspiratorial whisper from one progeny to the other...

Great post, my man! I got so many smiles from it!

I'll be back soon, Rodster! :D

Lydia said...

Great job Rod, I agree, these are memories that will never fade. :)

My girls thought there was a *real* birdie in the closet for a long time too. One of them actually went on a spree to catch the *damned tatletale bird* ! :)

Thanks for the story!