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Monday, March 30, 2009

My New Neighbors

I have been watching 2 crows that have decided to build their nest in a tree in my back yard. It has been quite interesting to watch.

They started about 1 week ago and in the beginning the female was doing all the building poking and weaving the sticks to I guess build the base. The male would bring stick ad stuff to her and she would do the building. It was funny at first because some of the sticks he would bring she would discard and he would fly down and pick them up again and try to give it back but no she would not take them.

After the base was built then both have started to build with first one then the other busy weaving the branches in to form the nest. But I have noticed that the male will show up with his stick and hurriedly put it in and then when the female shows up she spends a little more time. Probably fixing his along with putting hers in.

The one real nice thing of them building their nest in my back yard other then the entertainment value is the fact that I have no branches laying on the ground in my back or front yard so that is quite nice for a change.

I was watching them today and started thinking that if I was being a normal human being I would be missing this entertaining real life documentary that is going on in my back yard watching some garbage on the TV.

It is what it is



Lydia said...

Hey Rod! Funny you wrote about this, just this morning I was walking the puppy and one of the biggest loudest crows flew right over us and squawked so loud that it made the puppy and me jump sky high! What I want to know is 1)when they eat roadkill in the middle of the road they don't fly away from the oncoming cars till the very last second. Why are crows NEVER hit by cars! 2) How can they stand on the tiniest little branch at the very top of a tree and not bend the branch??

Not crazy about those birds, but at least they're cleaning out your yard!


Carol Ayers said...

That is too funny, Rod! These birds are very smart creatures. I tried to find a recent email about their nest building habits but I've lost it. Anyway..you might enjoy reading this.

Rod said...

Yes they are noisy but fun to watch.
Now the answers to your questions.
They do it on purpose to scare you..actually they are very smart and that is what they do for a living!
Second question is a good one I have no idea!


Rod said...

Nice to have you stop by.
Nice site now I'm wondering if this is the primary nest or a decoy. I guess time will tell.


HermitJim said...

Nice of Ma Nature to furnish a little entertainment for ya. As far as why crows don't bend the top branch when perched there...they just think lite!

Rod said...

Good one! Why does that not work for me?


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