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Friday, May 15, 2009

They Interveiwed Me

Yes I did not stutter they interviewed me.
It was not your normal interview but they did have a few interesting questions.
My favorite was and what experience do you have that will benefit us...You have got to be kidding I worked there for 16+ years. But I answered them anyway.
Well lets see I can do all management positions here and all the scheduling on top of my working knowledge that I have of the machines and oh yes I can drive lift truck also...What did they expect.
So they then ask me what jobs I felt I could do on the floor. Physical labor type, So I told them my concerns and the big boss said that he noticed that I was concerned about certain jobs being to physical.
Well of course I am concerned I am not a young pup anymore and I have been in management for the last 14 years. Did he think he could do all the jobs out there?
So I told him that I was not one to blow smoke up anyone butt and I sure as hell was not going to kiss any ones either. He said that yes he had heard that about me. So my reply was and so now you know why I am where I am then.
What do you mean by that he asked. So I told him straight out that there was some people that worked there that did not like to hear the truth and just wanted someone to be a yes man and not ask any questions about certain decisions just give me a yes sir and kiss my butt.
So I was told that they would get back with me....hmmm have not heard anything yet...maybe they are still looking for a butt kisser.

It is what it is



HermitJim said...

You just never know with these guys...but at least you know you didn't sell out just for a job.

Proud of ya, Bro...

Rod said...

Yes a job would be great but I refuse to lower my personal standards to anyone. Especially some one that I have zero respect for.
Thanks for stopping by.

Gene said...

Hi Rod. I am seriously beginning to wonder about your decision to go into politics!

As you say, it is what it is.

Hang in there.



Rod said...

Thanks you really made me laugh. I needed that.
Thanks for stopping by.


Lydia said...

Hey Rod, Hopefully they will come to their senses and hire someone who knows the job, has experience and is willing to work. Good luck and good for you for speaking up.

Rod said...

Who knows with these bozos. I truly believe that they are more afraid of if they were to hire me I would end up with their job.
Thanks for stopping by.