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Friday, May 1, 2009

Peace And Quite

Ahh here that???
We shut off our land line today and I had never realized how much it was stressing me to be getting all those calls even though I did not answer them.

Got a call from the bank yesterday that I did answer. Asked the nice gentleman on the phone why he was calling. So he asked me what I meant so I said that the last lady I had talked to had said that she was turning me into the foreclosure department so why was he wasting his and my time.

But he said maybe there is something we can do. So i asked him if he was another so called specialist to which he responded yes. Ok then can you lower my payments to a level that I can afford at this time? No he said you are at the lowest we can go.

Well then you are wasting both of our time then. He asked how long we planned on staying in the house. I responded with I will be here until you kick me out. He did not seem to happy about that but they are the ones that don't want to help.

So I figure we have 4 maybe 5 months before we have to move.

It is what it is



Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Rod, I bets when they realize you're for real, things'll start to go down. Literally...lol!

Love your gumption, man... Hang in there.

Rod said...

Well we will see what do I have to lose..Right.
Thanks for stopping by.


HermitJim said...

Hang in there, my brother! Hope that you can get some rest, now that the phone is cut off!

Rod said...

Nice to be able to just sit and not have that terrible sound going off all the time.
Thanks for stopping by.


Genes Creative Waves said...

Hi Rod. Phones can be annoying at times.

Sorry to hear about your continued troubles. Keep up your good spirit as best you can. I do hope things come together for you soon.



Rod said...

Well unfortunately as long as the economy stays like it is things do not look the best. But like you said I try to keep my spirits up and look for the good in all of this.
Thanks for stopping by.


Missi .... said...

Hey Rod
Bummer to hear of your troubles. It certainly isnt easy at the best of times. My heart is with you, I went through a lot of the same stuff just before I was forced to go bankrupt or face court. They are quite heartless and very frustrating.

Chin up my friend the road ahead does get brighter even if it is a bit hard to be patient taking the little steps along it.

As for the phone ... ohhhh I dont miss that ONE bit. Havent had a land line since I left Adelaide.

You take care.

Lydia said...

Chin up! Everything always seems to work out in the end.

I'm sure you're happy without the phone. And the bonus is one less bill to pay.

You would think the banks would consider some sort of plan for those in need. Seems it would be to their benefit in the long run. They're not in the real estate business, who would they want to be burdened with all these foreclosures!

Hoping it will all work out for you (am sure it will!)


Ginger said...

Rod, it may seem to get worse before it gets better, but it will get better. Whatever the outcome - you stay in your house or you leave your house - I promise you... no, I guarantee you, I bet you my last red cent, that next year at this time, it will all be behind you and you will thanking your lucky stars that it turned out the way it did, however that is. Believe me, I've been there before. Just keep plugging along. And hang in with your friends. Obviously, everyone is on your side here. And if any naysayers come along, just don't listen to them. One little thing that turned my life around - I got a little spiral notebook. Daily, without fail, I write 5 things I'm grateful for. It usually involves my family or my dogs or something I can't buy with money. I've been doing this since August 23, 2008, which was a very dark day for me. My life isn't perfect, but it's pretty darn close, even on the bad days. Take care.

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