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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Problem Is...

Why is it that every time I sit here and try to write a post all that comes to mind is the bad? I have started and deleted a lot of writings. I just seem to get going and then it turns to the dark side.
Well how about a little news then.
I never did get called for work. No big surprise to me first of all because of the job they were talking to me about and now guess what...they are starting to lay people off again.
We are now down to 2 vehicles had to let them have the car back so now we have zero in car payments and the insurance dropped nicely also.
Looks like we are moving. The bank just does not seem to want to work at all with us so hey they can have it back. We found a smaller place near here with a big yard for our dogs and they are real easy going on if we want to put in a garden and some more flower beds. Did not even hesitate when we asked if we could put in a fence to separate the front yard from the back.
Nice thing is that there is no hurry on the move so we can do it a little at a time and put the stuff away before we take more over so that will be nice. Going to have to thin out a bunch of stuff. We have been bad about keeping things that we really do not need.
Well that is enough for now just wanted to give you a little update.

It is what it is



HermitJim said...

At least you have a positive attitude about all of it, my friend.

I hope that all goes well from this point on...

Carol Ayers said...

This new place sounds good and you still have time to get in a garden! Quick.. stick some beans in the ground! This could be the fresh start you need...best wishes, Rod!

Rod said...

Hey my friend all things happen for a reason. So just try to make the best of it right.
Thanks for stopping by.


Rod said...

It is just now prime time garden planting here. Yes we are looking at it being a fresh start.
Thanks for stopping by.


Lydia said...

Sorry to hear it Rod, but as Carol said, it is a good opportunity for a fresh start.
Good luck. :)

Rod said...

So you vote for a fresh start also.
Thanks for stopping by.