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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spam Anyone?

For some reason lately I have been getting a unbelievable amount of spam on one of my e-mail accounts. So I noticed that a lot of them had a disclaimer saying I could unsubscribe from them. Never realized I had subscribed to them to begin with but hey if I can stop them great.

So I started to unsubscribe from them and guess what. They started coming at even greater amounts then they had at first. So I kept at it and started reading all the small print they put on the unsubscribe page.

Seems that it takes them from 24 hours to get this 30 days to take you off their list. What a crock they sure as hell did not take that long to put me on the list to begin with. One place even sent me 20 more mails all the same on the same day I unsubscribed!

It just goes to show you first it was junk mail then our favorite telemarketer calls and now spam. Don't theses people have something better to do? Obviously they must work as they keep sending them.

Now if we could just figure out where they get our e-mail accounts from to begin with maybe we would have a chance to stop them.

It is what it is



HermitJim said...

Can you believe that there are people still selling email advertising programs? Crooks!

One thing that makes them take notice is to send the each others emails...as many as you can!

One thing I like about gmail is that if I report it as spam, it's gone mostly for good!

Rod said...

Now that is a idea!
I will have to try that
Thanks for stopping by.


genes creative waves said...

Hi Rod.

Yes I have seen it suggested before not to email them at all, unsubscribe or anything.

If you do then they know for sure the email account is active and you are free game for more of the same and they tell their buddies.



Rod said...

I am really starting to believe that one. Today has to be a record!
Thanks for stopping by.


blondie said...

Yeah I agree with Gene.
Clicking on those unsub links sometimes makes it worse.
Although when I did ad's thru an auto-responder, if you unsubbed, then you were gone. No if's ands or buts.
Guess those days have changed :( Sorry to say.
Later :))