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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Was Told Off Today

By Pixie the pug.
Seems as she feels I have not been playing with her enough and she wanted to let me know.
I walked into the living room earlier and she jumped down from her perch on top of the sofa and proceeded to start yiping and barking at me with all the little turns and tag wags saying hey dad remember me.
So we had a 10 minute hand fight and now she is content and back on her perch snoring! She either thought I needed to calm down or she needed the exercise I do not know for sure but she had fun while it lasted.

It is what it is



Lydia said...

That's funny!
They sure have a way of telling you stuff, don't they? Ziggy does it with facial expressions and we almost always know what he's saying, while Riley is vocal and has a different sound to his bark, or whine depending on what he wants.

Thanks for the smiles.

Rod said...

Dogs are funny don't know how I would survive without them.
Thanks for stopping by.


HermitJim said...

I have always felt that animals can read our hearts and do what they can to stay involved with us. They have a way of giving us their versions of hugs when we need it, and getting us to give them a little extra love when they need it.

It really is a win-win situation...

Rod said...

I do believe you got that one perfect. Kind of amazing how they do it.
Thanks for stopping by.


Carol Ayers said...

I've always thought there must be a reason why dog is god spelled backwards...the only true example of unconditional love...have a great day, Rod!

Rod said...

I had never thought about that or heard it before. That is great I will have to remember that one.
Thanks for stopping by.

Carol Ayers said...

Hey My Friend! Just came across the below and thought about your post. While this is not news, it is interesting to read.
""Dogs apparently laugh," Page said. The same brain structures show the same activity in laughing humans and in dogs that are enjoying themselves. A dog's laugh is a rhythmic pant.

Play is necessary for healthy brain development in animals and is seen in many mammalian, and some avian, species, Bekoff said.

Play hones cognitive skills and later helps in hunting and mating. And play would not be possible without cooperation and trust.

"Virtue is its own reward," Bekoff said. "Fairer is fitter."

To prevent any misunderstanding, a dog will signal to another dog that the imminent jostling, nipping and chasing are "just play" rather than aggression, he said.

The game is initiated with the "play bow." A dog, wolf or coyote will crouch on its forelimbs while keeping its rear upright.

Any hard-biting cheats find themselves excluded from games."