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Friday, January 16, 2009

A Way Of Life

Was thinking about some of the jobs I have had in the past and thought I would share this summer job I had when I was in school. I got a job working on a small ranch (17,000 acres) about 20 miles out of town.

Spent my first summer there as a general ranch hand changed water put up hay worked cattle and I swear fixed every inch of fence on that place.

Now a short story about that. Once they dropped me off to walk a fence line it started about 5 miles from the ranch house and wandered cross county for about 10 miles. It was the middle of July and was around 100 degrees and when they dropped me off they said If they had time they would park a pickup at the other end for me to drive back in...well you guessed it got done and no truck! had to walk back and when I got back they were mad at how long it had took me until I explained the situation to them.

One other time we after we had branded we were driving the cattle up the road to pasture and myself and one of the owners sons were riding drag and some people from a state south of Oregon pulled up in their fancy car eyes as big as saucers and asked me if I was a real cowboy! Now you have to understand that we had just spent two days working cattle so we were hot tired and our feet hurt so we had on tennis shoes no chaps ball caps not even close to looking like a cowboy. Well I was nice and told them that at that time yes I was on a horse herding cattle so they could say that I was a cowboy...Pleased them greatly!

So as the saying goes

It is what it is Rod


Lydia said...

Hey Rodney, thanks for sharing that with us. I love reading about lives of others. You know sometimes, what seems like a really rough going for us ends up being what made us strong and made us who we are. of course we only see that in retrospect.

Cowboys are cool for us North Easterners. Something about them I guess. Maybe the Marlboro guy made them look rough, tough and mysterious? Of course there was John Wayne... :)

Keep up the good work!

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Rod!

I am Mattias from Sweden.Nice to read about your job with the cattle.It reminds me about the latest movie I saw, Australia.

A strong film with a strong message as well.

See you!

Rod said...

Thanks Lydia this post was only abiut a couple of the funny things that happened there are many more things I will share about this job later
Mattias I want to thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. And then to leave a comment well that makes it worth it!
By the way you can thank Lydia for pushing me to do this
Have a great day/evening

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Just hopped over from my uncle's site (hermitjim), and have to say NICE CATCH!!(In reference to your Profile pic...)
It rings a memory-bell for me; must have visited many a moon ago when I was new to the blog (and admittedly the computer on whole) world.

Funny, the folk from Oregon being so starry-eyed...
When I went to Caliphony to live W/ my dad (then in the Navy), everyone was amazed that we here in Texas actually had "like, cities and stuff!"

"Wobbles the mind!" as Kelly bundy once said... [Actually I think the line was "The mind wobbles...", but why pick nits???]

Cool story (see, there I go with lingo meself...ha!)

Have a great day!