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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just For Fun

Have got some comments about my profile pic and the fish in it. I have told them that it is just a baby so I thought I would show what a big one looked like.

Good thing they have no teeth!

Here is another pic in response to Lydias comments.

It is what it is



Lydia said...

OMG! That thing is HUGE!!! How do you even bring something like that in? And what do you do with it after you do??

(They have no teeth? what do they eat then, and how?)

wow...forget swimming ...

Rod said...

Well it takes alot of work and a long time.
That fish probably took all of those guys too catch (taking turns).
They are scavengers eat stuff off the bottom have boney plates to crush what ever they can suck in if it is too hard they spit it out.
Fish that big you release after you catch them as they are very old. For a sturgeon to be that big it is probably 50 to 75 years old!

Lydia said...

Wow at that rod reel (what?) I would imagine it took them all to bring that in! - surprised the rod didn't snap!

Catfish do that also, right? Low to the ground like that (they're ugly!)

Wow at their age!! Thanks so much for adding the picture. I think it's fascinating.

Have a great night!

Rod said...

Yes they are similar to a catfish but are actually what they call prehistoric been around forever. And yes we have snapped some rods on them and believe me that is not very fun! Ionce had my line break and punched myslef in the chest was black and blue and very sore for a week after that.