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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Short History

Since this is a new Blog and I suspect most people who might happen on it know nothing about me so I will give a brief history about me.

I have lived my whole life in small towns in central Oregon basically born and raised a redneck. Had the normal childhood for a small town lived 18 miles from town with no TV reception so read alot and learned to entertain myself. (no videos games back then!)

Started working on a farm at a very young age (11) but that was acceptable back then and it kept the boredom down during the summers. Graduated from high school and just kept on working never went to collage never wanted to. Have worked at a variety of things but have spent most of my time working at a mill for the last 16+ years.

Now with the way the economy is and not really knowing if I have a job from one week to the next brought me to the Net and it's ups and downs. But I have made some real good friends here. So as far as I'm concerned it has been worth it.

Ok enough of that for now I'm sure I will expand greatly on different episodes of my life in later days.

As my favorite saying goes...

It Is What It Is


1 comment:

Lydia said...

Hey Rodney, nice to know a little more about you! Thanks for sharing that with us. Yes, I like that saying also. It is what it is.

But, it actually is what we make of it!

We can work on a farm and absolutely love it, or we can be the president and absolutely hate it (not bush of course..)But am sure you get my drift.

You have a good night!