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Friday, January 30, 2009

Paradise Gone

Yes it is true. Paradise (work) is gone!

Was called into work yesterday to be given my final paycheck. They even took the time to stamp it as such.

So 16+ years, missing parts of three fingers a lot of gray hair and for what.....

Well I don't know, my mind is going a hundred miles a minute...

Ok working on a plan.

Unemployment benefits as is will last for about 11 months. I have a meeting with them tomorrow to see if I can qualify for more programs now that I'm 100% laid off.

I also have meeting with an investment guy on Tuesday to roll my profit sharing into an IRA so it is more liquid to help me make ends meet.

Been in contact with the lenders, we qualify for hardship programs on the house and car...house we will try to keep but the car...probably not.

We are looking at everything right now...what do we need, what don't we need, what can we live without and what we can not live without.

According to the news, California is out of money and all benefits cut off, on hold. Makes one wonder how long Oregon can keep on with the ever increasing demand.

Here's a good one when I was leaving my ex-paradise there was a news bulletin on the radio...Unemployment levels are at the highest level since the depression...no shit Sherlock!

Sorry had to add that!

So I will stop at that but will keep you updated on my progress or lack of it, at a later time.

So the saying is getting pushed to the limits right now but...

It is what it is

Or as a dear friend likes to remind me...

It is what you make of it.



Lydia said...

Hey Rod, So sorry that you are involved in the midst of this awful mess! Seems like everywhere you turn there is someone going through some sort of hardship because of this.

Hope you made out alright with the unemployment office today.

Things always have a way of working out, so chin up! Well, I don't have to tell you that, you're already a cheerful person.!

The best of luck!


Rods Wanderings said...

Well I was dealing with a goverment agency so that is all I will say.

Thanks for stopping by