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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dealing With The State

Was reading Serenitys Blog yesterday and decided that you might want to know what happens when you deal with the state!

For the first time in my 46 years I'm laid off and collecting unemployment!

So let's talk about that then.

First off you don't even have to go to the unemployment office anymore...Imagine that they do it all on the computer. No phone calls, no press 1 for English, no talking to a warm body...actually kinda nice. Now get this, if you do go to the office and ask them a question, guess where they send you....and I quote "All your questions are answered on our web site".

So I went to their site and started the process and it asked for my name and social security number! Wait a minute here put my social number on the net haven't they heard or identity theft?? Oh but that's ok I have identity protection cost me 200 dollars 1 million dollar guarantee! Besides maybe if somebody steals my identity they would get some of my bills...they sure as hell are not going to get any credit because I sure can't.

So fearlessly I do as instructed and promptly get told sorry that name and number do not match you will need to go to the nearest office to fix this problem. Hmm maybe some poor sucker was already trying!

Ok so I was just there and they sent me home to do it what the heck is going on here! So back to the office and they take my card type it in and it shows as me And the very nice lady tells me that I need to go back home and try again and if I have the same problem to come back and someone would then sit down with me and help me. Made me wonder if they had stock in the oil companies.

So back home and success. I'm me! All signed up and ready to go all I have to do is fill out a stupid form each week again online and get this if you are unemployed you have to stay at home you can not leave for the week that you are laid off as this will make you forfeit your benefits for that week. Oh and yes you need to be actively looking for work....right only laid off for a week.

Ok enough about that episode but do have another.

Now I don't know if all of you read Hermit Jims Blog but he had a funny song on it the other day about your memory or lack of it. Well I suffer from Partstimers! Huh what's that ok I'll explain part of the time I know where I'm at and the rest of the time I wonder where I've been!

So now that you know what that is here's what happened to me. I had partstimers getting my drivers license renewed by lets see 2+ years. Could of sworn the notification had just shown up in the mail last week! But hey the joke is on me when I went to the division of motor vehicles, Wheww Now that's a mouth full so let's go by their preferred name DMV.

Ok where was I DMV right...Ok I show up there and they tell me it is your personal responsibility to keep track of when your license renewal date is. Right half the time I forget where I'm going before I get there!

Well since my license was 2+ years expired I needed to take the written and driving tests again. Ok fine lets get started. Passed the written with a stellar 83%...missed one more and would of had to wait a week. Look at the lady behind the counter and asked her when I could take the driving test but wait the phone is ringing and that is more important than a warm body, right!

She takes the call and then turns around and tells this guy that his 11 o'clock driving appointment was cancelled...Quick look at the watch 10:45 Hmm maybe it's my lucky day and spoke up and said great lets go....but nope forgot who I was dealing with here a government agency....I'm promptly told that I need to go home and call this number that they give you and make a appointment.....I can't make it here? No they changed that you need to call that number...ok look at the number...Hmmm it's the DMV number for the office that I'm at figure that.

So go home and set the appointment for the following week. Show up promptly on time for my appointment do the paperwork and wait a moment, have to pay a 9 dollar fee to take the test which pays for the insurance for the guy to give you the test...ok shell out 9 bucks let's go...gotta wait he is the only one there the other person had to step out for a moment for personal reasons. Wait patiently and she shows up great lets go.

Well the test went ok dinged me because I didn't use my rearview mirror coming up to a stop sign. Even pointed at it..Ok I said but did you not notice that I have a canopy on the back he said yes well you can not see too well thru the canopy so I was using my side view mirrors and being me made sure I pointed them out to him. So he decided that maybe I was correct on that one.

We went inside to do the rest of the paperwork and pay for the license. But wait a minute here don't I get my 9 bucks back we didn't have any wrecks and I did bring him back alive.

Well I don't believe I need to tell you the answer to that because...

It is what it is

Need I say more?


P.S. Just got notification from the employment dept. by snail mail!
Due to the large amount of claims your payments will be delayed by 7 to 10 working days.
Now ain't that just a fine thing!


Missi .... said...

Oh boy!!!! Seems all government departments are the same ..... they all forget they are public servants.... hear that government departments .... I said servants!!! Here to serve the people .....

oh well they didnt hear me .... surprise!!! Maybe its that they just plain dont listen majority of the time.

We'll be stuck getting shuffled back and forth between electronic equipment trying to find someone who actually is able to do their job between coffees.

Hope your wanderings are going well. Take care til next time.


Rods Wanderings said...

Hey Missi thanks for stopping by.
Yes it is true they all believe we work for them. Well the way things are going they will also be looking for jobs!


Lydia said...

Hi Rod, Sorry you have been mixed up in this mess also! My friend was getting unemployment for a few months now. She told me she gets a debit card which they automatically fill when she receives benefits!

I couldn't believe it. Hi tech.

Well, hopefully they will straighten it out for you soon and hopefully it isn't because they're running out of money! Oh wait..I forgot, they will just print some more :)

I need one of those printers.

Well, the best of luck to you! And hoping everything will turn out okay with your job.

Rods Wanderings said...

Hi Lydia
Hey they even do direct diposit staight to your checking accout here.
If you find one of those machines let me know where ;)

Sis said...

doing it online and over the telephone etc. gives a complete electronic record for them.

Tell me: how can you stay home the week you draw benefits and at the same time be actively looking for work? Makes NO sense to me! Hell, the whole government makes no sense to me; just a wasting machine it is.