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Saturday, January 17, 2009


This happened to me 2 weeks ago at the end of another day in paradise (work).
Was a normal day until at the end. Was told that the company was down sizing again (don't worry still have a job) but anyway thay are cutting out upper management positions (ok I am middle management... wrong). My position is now going to one of the ex upper management individuals and get this I get to train him since I have done such a good job!!!
So now after 16+ years 14+ in management I'm back in production whoo hoo at least I am not doing a real physical job as my health issues would not allow it. But yes there was the pay cut that came with the job move and now I will be lucky to get 25 hours a week instead of the 40 I was used too.
With my wife losing her job earlier this year and then this guess we will be living on luv because there will be no money for anything else!!
Well then yesterday I go to work and guess what I have my old job back but...and this is a quote "Your pay scale will remain the same"
What kinda B.S. is that, what a way to get another pay cut but still have the responsibilities, and then they wonder why there is no company support and morale is low HELLO did they take a pay cut???
What pisses me off about all this is where is my econonmic bail out??? The man does not care about the masses only the big corporations that donate money for his enjoyment. Ok enough whining and crying you know the saying...

It is what it is
Or as my friend Lydia says
It is what we make of it
Just think about that one now!


js said...

Hey Rod! js here.

Well, listen. Hope your boss does not find your blog! Haha!

Anyways, if you can manage to get some bucks? Put that into the 2nd totally passive opp and into the 4th one that I just posted in my blog. You should be able to get free in a matter of months.


Lydia said...

Hey Rod, Thanks for sharing that. Sorry to hear of your trouble, it is really tough for so many people. Although I feel it will get worse before it gets better, I have faith that it will get better again. Hang in there! You're amongst good friends for sure.:)

And, one day I might even convince you that it is what we MAKE of it. Never just settle, k?

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

It is what it is all right, and what that is is a LOAD OF CRAP!!!
I haven't followed your blog for long, so don't know your stances on alternative living, non-mainstream thought etc... but maybe if js isn't full of crap (no offense, js; will be visiting your site and evaluating soon-- seen you as a regular on my uncle, HermitJim's site), and you're open (or if you ever need an alternative) check out "cheaprvliving.com"

Knowledge is power, my man...

Best of luck.