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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Little Freinds

This is all for a friend (who will remain anonymous)

I would like to introduce you to my two current little friends.

Being her curious self and always wanting to be the center of attention is Fancy and in the back ground being her normal laid back self is Pixie.

Now Fancy is a bundle of joy packed into 20 lbs. of pure energy she loves to play 24/7 none stop.
Her favorate game is chasing the ball.

Where as this is Pixies favorate pastime.

For you that don't know these are heater puppies

Here she is being tongue puppy

These are sleepy time puppies

The home alarm system is now activated!

OK now you have seen and learned a little bit about my current friends I hoped you enjoyed the pictures. They are good companions and have proved to be joy to be around.
I personaly believe everyone should have at least one pet because...

It is what it is


Lydia said...

Those are the best pictures Rod! Thanks for sharing these two beauties. I LOVE pugs! Well Fancy's not bad looking either! They must be so fun to have around? Do they get a long well?


I'm Rod And And I Live In said...

No tolorate is more like it. they do play together some but we have to keep a eye on it or it becomes a fight.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I LOVE puppies! Cats are cool too; My uncle (HermitJim) has two, and Grandma has one. I live w/ "nanny" as g.ma is affectionately known, but am prepping for a move to the Missouri Ozarks. I ain't goin' without Man's Best Friend!!!

Take care. Great photos! (at least I can get my puppy fix, if only vicariously!)

HermitJim said...

Hey man...I love the pics! Having 2 roomies (Siamese cats) I can't imagine NOT having pets...a lot of entertainment value!

Good post, my friend!

I'm Rod And And I Live In said...

Hey got the family following me great.
Cygnus Ya gotta have buddies with you no matter where you end up!
Jim When I wrote this I was thinking about your story when it snowed and how your roomies reacted! Could just see it happen in my mind