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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


You ever had a MRI? Well I had my first one yesterday so they could check out my pancreas and see how things were going.

People who had been through it before were more than happy to tell me about how they did not like going into the machine as it made them claustrophobic. Well I do not have that problem and it was not bad for me.

The machine is very noisy but they now have music for you to listen to so that was a lot better. The only thing I noticed while going through the procedure was that when they went to take a picture I got a weird warming feeling inside my stomach. When it was all over the tech said that it was normal for that.

But to be honest with you the whole time I was in there and I kept feeling that sensation I only had one thought on my mind.

Am I the hamster in the microwave???

It is what it is



Cygnus MacLlyr said...

DOH! I had in mind MRE... whole different ballgame...

Sure set the mind ablaze when ol' Cygnus thought (in his swan-sized brain)"didn't know them affected that organ..."

Health and Blessings, my man!

Rod said...

Swan sized or swan like?
They don't just take a very detailed image of it.
It was just weird to feel your insides getting warm like that.
Thanks for stopping by.


Genes easy ways said...

Hi Rod. Yes, it can be a bit queasy in there for some folks. I actually took the time to meditate while in one I had last year. That worked for me.



Rod said...

I could see where you could do that.
Unfortunately I kept having to hold my breath about 40 times so they were talking to me a lot.
Thanks for stopping by.


Lydia said...

Hi Rod, I've taken a bunch of them in the past and for me it is very claustraphobic. The trouble is that I hold off for so long and then I tell the tech to get me out. He/she has to stop it and then start all over. So a 45 minute test ends up being hours long :(

One time I was given these cool glasses that allow you to watch tv, they work as reverse mirrors or something like that, and earphones - that wasn't too bad.

The so called open MRI's are no better. Not for me. :(

Glad you did well with it and hope your results come out really good!


Rod said...

Yes I have heard that from a lot of people. I had no problems at all and was only about 40 minutes.
Thanks for stopping by