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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Traditions

When our boys were young we always did the traditional Easter egg hunt for them. They loved it and as the years went by they would then hide them again and again for each other until the eggs were basically trashed and falling apart.

One year when we lived on the farm we hid the eggs and then they went and found them all except one that we could not remember where it was hid. Oh well it was only one egg so we did not think much of it.

So of course they went ahead and started hiding them for each other and as they kept doing it more and more eggs kept coming up missing. Now they were not to old then so they did not hide them to well and could not put them up to high so I decided that maybe I should go find them..

As I was looking for them they continued with their game but I was having no luck locating any of the missing eggs. I then decided that maybe if I watched them maybe I would have a clue as to where they might be.

So one boy went into the house and the other was hiding the eggs and I noticed that they were not hidden that well which made the missing eggs even more strange.

Well he finished and headed to get his brother so he could find the eggs and it was about then that I discovered the mystery behind the missing eggs.

Our cow dog was sneaking in behind them and eating them shell and all.

I am sure you all have your traditions that you do for Easter every year and we will do our normal with a potluck type dinner at my parents with our sons.

So if you do or don't observe Easter just be sure to have a good day.

It is what it is



HermitJim said...

That's a cute story, Rod. Who knows just how smart those old dogs can be in finding food?

Bet the boys have some good memories from all that!

Rod said...

Thought I would just share a little humor about Easter.
Thanks for stopping by.


Lydia said...

Hahaa that was so cute! Our puppy got a hold of an egg somehow today and was rolling it all over, till we heard the shell crunching..I took it away cause all I can think of was...vet bill..

Ahhh yes, I used to love the look on the kids faces when they were egg hunting. I always did it for my girls, then they also had it at my sister-in-laws and also at the town firehouse (they used real eggs too!)

Fun days - still not sure what that has to do with Easter but it makes it fun :)

Thanks for sharing the cute story, I enjoyed reading it. :)

Rod said...

Yes you are right it was a lot of fun to watch their faces especially when they were real young.
Thanks for stopping by!