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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have done a lot of hunting in my life starting out as a kid hunting with my Dads family. It was always a time of year that we always looked forward too and we had a great time.

As the years passed and my uncles grew older and no longer could go hunting my Dad lost interest in hunting and the game department started a draw system for rifle hunting. As you guessed I did not draw a tag one year so I started bow hunting as there was no draw for tags at that time.

One year we were hunting in this area that had a lot of logs torn up and rocks turned over. One of the guys I was hunting with had no idea what could of caused all that. So I finally told him that it was because of bears looking for food.

Little did I know but he was scared of bears and it seemed to be that every where we hunted that year had lots of sign of bears. He asked me why I was not scared of them and I gave him some excuse for a answer just trying to calm him down.

A couple of years later I was hunting with another friend and there was cougar tracks every where. He did not have to ask me what they were as they are rather distinctive.

We had got lucky that year and were hunting a road closure area so that meant we had to pack every thing out on pack boards. So we had loaded the first pack and my buddy shouldered it and headed off by himself as the rest of us worked at loading another pack.

I took this one and headed out of the canyon that we were in and was about half the way back to the rigs when I caught my buddy trudging along with his pack. I walked up and caught him and he looked over and said thank God it is you I thought it was a cougar coming after me.

So the rest of the way back to the trucks we talked about cougars and I found out that he had a big time fear of cougars. So I told him about my other buddy that was scared of bears as we were walking along. He also asked me why I was not scared of them and once again I also gave him an excuse for a answer to calm him down.

Ok now for the truth I have a very high respect for bears but normally they will just run from you unless it is a sow with cubs. Now with cougars yes I do have a fear of them as they can sneak up on you and you will never know what hits you.

But I had one secret weapon when I was hunting with these two buddies. They were both big boys. I never did tell them until years later that the reason I never had to worry about bears or cougars when hunting with them was...

I could out run them!

It is what it is



Lydia said...

LOL That's funny! :)

Cougars are supposed to live in the jungle, aren't they?

And here I thought my little groundhog was a problem..Bears and cougars, bulls and....geesh where do you live? ;)

Have a good one!

Rod said...

Cougars live all over in the mountains and high desert areas in the west and I believe down south they have them also.
BTW you have bears in your part of the country
Thanks for stopping by


Lydia said...

I live in the mountains. Are they here too? Yikes.

Yes,you are right, we have lots of bear here. I have never seen them though. (Thank God!)One 500plus lb momma was video recorded by my neighbor in our old neighborhood. She was eating all of the bird food. Most of my friends have seen one here and there also.

But I don't really like mixing with the wildlife, so I don't see much of this stuff..

Seems its a good thing!

HermitJim said...

Hey Rod...very enjoyable post, my friend! We have some bears and quite a few cougars here in Texas, especially in west and south Texas!

We also have a LOT of wild hogs, bobcats, coyotes, fox, and some wolves are making a comeback in certain areas...

Ain't nature wonderful?

Rod said...

Yeah nature is great!
We also have bobcats and coyotes around here but I don't worry about them. The only wild pigs we have are feral hogs.
Thanks for stopping by.


Missi .... said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! That is just a fantastic story Rod .... You certainly gave me the first belly laugh of the day.

Lucky for me I dont have to be afraid of either bears or cougars since we just plain dont have them here outside of a zoo (which Im not real keen on visiting caged animals).

Keep smiling


Rod said...

Long time where you been hiding?
Glad I started your day out good.
Thanks for stopping by