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Friday, April 10, 2009

Bull Riding

When I was working on farms I worked for a few different farmers. One of them had bought the place next to us for his son to farm since the home place was to small for two families to make a living on.

He also raised registered Herfords for breeding stock. He had about 5 or 6 herd bulls and a few cows. The bulls were enormous running from 2,000 pounds up.

All the bulls I had ever been around you had to keep an eye on at all times as they can be a little ornery at times especially if it was someone they did not know.

One day they had me go to the home place to change the water and of course the water also had to be changed in the bull pasture. I started changing the water and the biggest of the bulls decided that he needed to head my way.

I was hurriedly trying to do my work and stay ahead of this huge animal but as fate would put it I got detained long enough for him to catch me. Just before he got to me I turned around so maybe I would have a chance to run one way or the other.

He plodded right up to me and did not even stop to smell me or nothing. He just started to rub his head on me. He was as tame as a dog and all he wanted was to get scratched on.

So later I was telling the farmer about it and he said that a couple of years before that he had a guy working for him that used to ride him kind of like a horse.

So me being me the next time I changed the water in the bull pasture I just had to do it and jumped on him.

I had no more and got on his back and he started off across the pasture at a slow but steady gait taking me back to the barn where I was wanting to go anyway. So when we got there he stopped and I slid off him and gave him a good scratching and went on my way.

So it became a routine for us. Every time I changed the water in his pasture he would then give me a ride back to the barn. We even had our picture taken by some tourist that were driving by and saw us and just had to have a picture for their friends in the city so they would believe them.

Now I bet this story did not turn out like you thought. But...

It is what it is



Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Rod, That is TOO COOL!

I guess once the beast nuzzled me, what else could it be?

Great story! Thanks for sharing!


Rod said...

Well to be honest I was scared probably why I did not take off running right away.
Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Way Cool!! All the bulls I've known just wanted to make mud puddles out of me.

Rod said...

That had always been my experience up tell then. But he had been a show animal so you could also lead him around also.
Thanks for stopping by.