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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well we have been so busy trying to get move and all but....
I just had to take a day off and do a little fishing. Was a great day and we limited out on rainbow trout. Went to a small man made lake that was built in the early 1900's for a water supply for a gold mine at the time.
Oh and guess what I remembered the camera!

Now how does that look?
Just another part of my world near here.

It is what it is



Gene said...

Looks good Rod. Yes it is nice to get away sometimes, for sure.

Best to you,


HermitJim said...

Looks like a good fishing spot to me, buddy!

Lydia said...

Where are the pictures of the fish you caught?

Rod said...

Yes it was great the only problem was I forgot to turn off my cell phone.

Was great this time but like it sometimes go I have spent most of a day there before and caught nothing.

So you do not believe me? Want proof? Sorry no pictures of the fish.

Thanks to all of you for stopping by.


Lydia said...

I didn't say I don't believe you.

Did you catch any?

Rod said...

I was kidding with you.
Yes we caught our limit of 5 each!


Lydia said...

Yeah I know. I was kidding with you too. ;)

Carol Ayers said...

Awwwh that looks nice, Rod! I can just hear the little ripples lapping against the bank...feel that sweet breeze...ooh what's that I smell? Well, I will be back here just to gaze at that scene...nice.

Rod said...

Nice of you to stop by. Yes...you can just sit and gaze at that.