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Monday, October 19, 2009


I was reading Edifice Rex and she was telling about her trials and errors with fixing her water system and it made me think of what I did this weekend.
About 2 years ago I bought a chipper for chipping weeds branches and corn stalks basically making mulch. So we fired it up for the first time and was chopping up basically weeds so it was not getting worked too hard. After about 15 minutes I noticed that the motor was stating to bog down more and more even when just running by it's self with no load.
It was about that time I noticed the oil on the ground so I shut it off and investigated the problem. Well the oil drain plug had fell out and all the oil was now on the ground. I put the plug back in and filled it up with oil again but it was too late seized tight.
I went back to where I had bought it but guess what it was not their problem that I had not checked to make sure it was tight. So not having a lot of extra money at the time there it sat and sat. For two plus years it sat collecting dust.
This weekend we moved the last of our treasures and it was one of them. Put it in the back of our place here. Yesterday we lost power for about 4 hours and having nothing else to do I decided to at least see if I could get the motor off and if you have ever been around a yard chipper you know that you basically have to total disassemble it to get the blades off so you then can get the motor off.
So after a lot of wrench twisting I had most of the shrouds off and just for the heck of it though I would see if I could spin the blades by hand and with a small amount of effort they started to spin. And the longer I spun them the easier it got.
Ok then being the rocket scientist I am put some gas in it give a couple of pulls and it fires up and runs like a champ. Shut it off put all the shrouds and guards back on and a couple of hours later have reduced th brush pile behind the house into a pile of chips.
Now as I was doing this I kept kicking myself in the rear wondering why had I not tried this before but as you know..

It is what it is



JoJo said...

Hi Rod, I know what your talking about here, Procrastination is my middle name.
At least you did fix it yourself. I have a shed full of I need to fix this thing. :(

Rod said...

Yes I did but I could of been using it all this time if I had just made myself work on it.
Maybe it was frustration?
Thanks for stopping by.


HermitJim said...

Rod...isn't it amazing what backing off from a problem for just a bit can do? Once we approach the problem without the burden of frustration...things seem to happen for the good (or at least better).

Glad you got it going again, my friend! You did good!

Rod said...

Yeah but if I had not procrastinated I would of had it to use for all this time now.
Thanks for stopping by.


xox-Missi Mi-xox said...

hehehe ... isnt it funny how easy things seem once you look back on it ...

also want to apologise for missing you in my chat box last couple of times .. I have a bad habit of leving pc with browsers open so I can return to whatever it is Im half way through lol.... thanks for the time .. :-)

Have a great day


Rod said...

Missi Mi
Yes it is but it is a good thing I have it fixed now as we have a lot of leaves to chop.
I thought you just did not want to talk to me...lol just kidding ;)
Thanks for stopping by.


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