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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Yes I am still alive! Just do not want to rant at you so I have been staying away.
Guess what...we still are sorting through our treasures trying to decide if we really do need to keep it or not. I have a new idea. People need to move every couple of years so that the treasures do not build up too much.
We have found stuff that we just had to keep from the last time we moved 12 years ago. Now the key word here is found. Now we have went 12 years without this treasure so you would think hey we do not need that right.............

It is what it is



HermitJim said...

I know what you mean about the moving thing...believe me! I have been finding stuff everyday that I must have thought I needed at some point in my life!

Getting rid of it all!

Rod said...

Well I wish it was that easy. But it is we instead of me doing it.
Thanks for stopping by


JoJo said...

LOL I have started cleaning out stuff since my dad passed and we had to clean out his place. We always thought that he was a minimalist kind of guy. Well we sure were wrong. So my kids threated to come and start working on my place NOW! So I guess its time now for me to get started. But like I said before I like my junk. I can't help it if they don't have any taste.

Rod said...

Now that made me laugh...no taste love it.
Well we are at the part of it is time to start hauling off be it to the dump of charity one or the other.
Thanks for stopping by.


Missi Mi said...

Hey Rod

Glad to see you still alive and all is going well.

Being a hoarder of some proportion I can totally relate to finding things you once thought you needed or may be useful for some reason or another one day ... and well a lot of the time you dont think of it until the one day comes along when someone says "hey I need blah blah blah" ... and guess what ... cuz Im a hoarder I think I could probably have one ... if only I could remember where Im hoarding it!!!!

Having gone through the big move I thought I was proud of what I threw away leaving Adelaide after being teased by some people about it ... until I got all my belongings up here and started scratching my head over why I bought one particular item or another ... and you know what I finally decided ... I think Im happy fighting through my full cupboards of stuff that may one day be useful. Ive found its fun when you dont make a chore of it and just get lost in the moments you've collected along the way ... but thats just me.

Keep well and good luck wwith the sorting.


Rod said...

I know what you mean about yes I probably have it but where is it! But we are down to things that we have not touched or seen in at least 12 years. So we are fighting that fact also.
Thanks for stopping by.

Meadowlark said...

Do you mean like the SCUBA gear we carted around from duty station to duty station for 13 years and sold when we got out?

And then a year later guess what we had a chance to use?

THAT is the problem with getting rid of stuff.


Rod said...

Well yes that is the problem. But some of these treasures we have had for 20+ years now and have never used.
Thanks for stopping by.